FILA TECH: What it does?

We Study. We Test. We Assist.

Conoscenza del materiale da pre-tattare

Knowledge of material to be pretreated

Analysis and testing of all the different kinds of material on the market during the manufacturers’ development stages.

Collaborazione per la R&D

R&D Collaboration

Years of partnerships with leading research institutes like the CNR (Italian National Research Council).

Materie prime e fornitori

Raw materials and suppliers

Selection criteria:
- High performance 
- Eco-sustainability and safety 
- Respect for the technical specifications 
- Internationality 
- Regulatory support



Continual updates in line with European and non-European legislation regarding:
- Emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) 
- Detergents and biocides  
- Chemical substances (REACH) 
- Labelling and packaging (CLP) 
- Transport and exports (ADR, IMDG, IATA)

Testing e collaudo, controllo qualità

Testing and checks, quality control

Testing and checks, both in the laboratory and on-site, are confirmed by tests carried out by external certifying bodies. Around 50 products currently comply with the various ASTM, UNI and DIN standards and this figure increases constantly. Quality control on each individual production batch, carried out by means of accurate sophisticated laboratory analysis, constantly checks the quality parameters against product specifications. 

FILA TECH: What it offers?

customisation and adaptability