Analyzing. Testing. Assisting.

Products and processes designed for you.

Our Technical Managers are close to you to:

  • Analyzing your materials and your needs
  • Intended use
  • Product line installed

We want to know your material

We analyze and study every kind of materials in our laboratory collaborating with you.
In particular we organize several tests to track the impact and measure the performance

Chemical formulations for you and for the environment

The choice of raw materials is based on

  • High performance: thanks to the research of high performance formulations
  • Eco-sustainability and safety: research for formulations that respect the environment and people
  • Compliance with the technical specifications requested by the customer
  • Internationality: treatments suitable for all markets

Testing and Inspection, Quality Control

Testing and inspection, carried out both in the laboratory and on the production line.
The quality control, carried out on each single production, is carried out through punctual and sophisticated laboratory analyzes and constantly verifies the qualitative parameters with respect to the product specifications.

Continous support from our Regulatory

Constant updating in line with European and non-European regulations regarding:

  • Emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Detergents and biocides
  • Chemicals (REACH)
  • Labeling and Packaging (CLP)
  • Enrollment in the NCP

After-sales Support

Choosing FILATECH also means direct contact with our sales engineers

Fila Industria Chimica Spa

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