About Us

FILA TECH was born from FILA Industria Chimica, founded in 1943 as a reference company in the world of natural stone treatment.
All chemical formulations are Made in Italy and developed in our internal laboratory in collaboration with the major university research centres.

A professional team for you

From the development of the formulations to the support during the application directly on your production line

Denis Tessaro

FilaTech BU Manager

Fabio Gambalonga

Ceramic Sales Specialist

Luca Guerzoni

Stone Producers Specialist

Maria Soranzo

CTO & Head of RDT

Sonia Rizzotto

Senior Research Technician

Giovanni Luca

Process Technological Specialist

Federica Mian

Innovation Technology Specialist

Sara Bianchin

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Francesco Trentin

Francesco Trentin

Quality Control & Process Coordinator

Client Testimonials

"We have been partners of FILA since 2015 and this has opened up great opportunities for us. Having technical and commercial support like that of FILA has allowed us to be certain that our customers are satisfied with the durability of the material over time"

"FILA is the ideal partner for solving technical problems. When I have a problem, I call the technicians and I know I'll get for sure the answers"

“In the world of ceramics, sustainability in terms of production is increasingly important. It is important for us to collaborate with partners who put sustainability at core.”

Fila Industria Chimica Spa

Cap. Sociale: 500.000 €

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Sede amministrativa: Via Garibaldi, 58 – 35018 San Martino di Lupari (PD) – Italy

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